Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd…

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AMC Loews Stony Brook – December 28th

When I first heard this brilliant Sondheim musical I have loved for years would be adapted for the big screen, I was excited. Not only would this intriguing and horrifying tale go the way of Chicago (which I also loved), the master of twisted tales himself, Tim Burton as director?? Let’s say I was tickled black.

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PJ Cinemas – Saturday, December 22nd

Went to see Juno with my movie mate, Turtle. In short, the plot involves a 16 year old girl who becomes pregnant and decides to give it up for adoption. Wackiness ensues. Nice to see a strong female teenager again, circa Ghost World and Freaks and Geeks TV Series.

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HIMYM Review

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“This is SO going in my blog!” – Barney

How I Met Your Mother

Upon a couple of recommendations, I came to this show not knowing what to expect. Though delighted to see Doogie Howser’s Neil Patrick Harris in a new and surprisingly supporting role, this show has now joined my weekly TV regime.

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Beauty’s Confusion

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While setting up this blog, I came across a feature by Sonific called Songspot. Similar to Project Playlist for Myspace, I added it to the sidebar.

The default song came up as “Moments like these” by Beauty’s Confusion. Labeled as trip-hop, this has a very Portishead/Zero 7 feel to it. I was surprised at how much I liked it. For fans of the above, give it a whirl.

Welcome to my world…

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