Orgconfuz RATING System

nostars No Stars = Not only unworthy of your time, not even worth my time to review except to warn…

1starOne Star = Basically sucked. Maybe one or two elements* are noteworthy. Proceed with CAUTION!

2starsTwo Stars = Eh… Sometimes this indicates just an okay film that is better off rented. Or maybe this film didn’t meet or exceed expectations.

3stars Three Stars = Worth seeing. Sometimes its something I wasn’t expecting to like, but did.

4stars Four Stars = Great! Many of the key elements executed with distinction. Kudos.

5stars Five Stars = Amazing!!! A brilliant movie that moved me and left a lasting impression, whether a marvel of special effects or just a damn good film. One that I will absolutely purchase on DVD without question!

*Elements for consideration (skewed of course by personal preference/opinion):
Plot – Writing, Story (Plausibility, Truancy to Genre, etc.), Pacing, Characterization
Direction – Overall execution, Director’s prior body of work
Cinematography – Visual Effects, Location, CGI (if applicable), Editing
Acting – Casting, Performance, Chemistry
Music – Soundtracks are a personal hobby of mine, so its important…
Overall Feel/Reaction (First reactions and in retrospect)


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