HIMYM Review

December 17, 2007 at 1:42 am | Posted in tv shows | Leave a comment

“This is SO going in my blog!” – Barney

How I Met Your Mother

Upon a couple of recommendations, I came to this show not knowing what to expect. Though delighted to see Doogie Howser’s Neil Patrick Harris in a new and surprisingly supporting role, this show has now joined my weekly TV regime.

Having entered in the third and current season, I decided to catch up on the first two seasons in a marathon sitting, both seasons with 20+ episodes. That was probably the best way to introduce the show because I really got a chance to know the characters more intimately than having seeing the show sporatically or at most on a weekly basis. This is one of those shows that if you catch it every once in a while, it wouldn’t necessarily capture the charm of the friendships and plot-driven backstory of the parents introduction.

Admittedly, when the show first began I thought it was an fresh and original idea: the tale of how two parents met as told by the father – almost thirty years later – over the course of the series. (featuring Future Ted voice-over talent of Bob Saget). The mystery of the mother still remains in the third season, with one or two clues on her identity, such as she owns a yellow umbrella.

For me, the more compelling portion of the show are the relationships of the ensemble of friends. A genuine and realistic portrayal of the twenty-somethings life in 2007, much more than Friends or early Will & Grace did in their respective times. It doesn’t ask you to suspend the disbelief that a twenty-something girl inherits a fabulous, rent-controlled, Central Park adjacent apartment from her grandmother. Its about roommates and friends and hanging out and getting into shenanigans.

Even still, I recommend this show for fans of Friends and W&G, as well as Scrubs. I suffer from the same problem with Scrubs. Between forgetting its on and missing huge chunks of prior seasons, I think I don’t enjoy Scrubs as much as I would if I grew to know the characters.

This is not new advice, but it always pays to watch the entire show, which applies to every series.

P.S. Much love for Alyson Hannigan, a happily transitioned Willow.


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