R.I.P. Corey Haim

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Corey HaimWhen a celebrity dies, the least a person can do is look back on their career and contribution to society – in this case, the film lexicon. Corey Haim is best known by our generation for trailblazing the 1980’s teen buddy comedy with his partner in crime, Corey Feldman. Though some claim his death is just another statistic in the long line of drug-related celebrity passings, I will submit that though this does not come as a shock to me, that fact does not make it any less tragic. He represents an era fond to so many that you can’t help but look back with a smile.

Here are some of my favorite Corey Haim Films:

License to Drive – I love how he stops the trailer in the middle and insists the announcer finish describing the plot! Quite a change from the short trailer format of today…


Just One of the Girls – I remember a bunch of these movies coming out in the mid-late 80’s – guy dresses up like woman to get girl… and mostly succeeds. *groan* Can’t remember how this turned out, but I don’t remember it being the best one. (Tried to find a list of gender bending comedies, but to no avail!)


Dream A Little Dream – I quoted Corey Haim just a few weeks ago! My sister and I share an inside joke regarding the silliest moment in the movie, “Why… am… I… running? I have… a broken…. LEG!” LOL

Interesting and slightly related blog post: 10 Cliches of the Body Swap movie


Corey Haim movies I will promptly rewatch:

LUCAS – Also a “Before they were famous” movie for Charlie Sheen and Winona Ryder!


The Lost Boys – The original vampire movie of our generation… I remember being scared out of my wits as a kid. but maybe it won’t be so bad now that I’m older.


For more trailers and other goodies, here is the most comprehensive collection of trailers I’ve seen, including a documentary/interview about the Lost Boys Soundtrack…
The Haimster’s YouTube Channel


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