Orgconfuz on Myspace

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For those who do not know, there is a dedicated myspace page for Organized Confusion.

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Trilogies are a crowd… (Indiana Jones)

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Prof. Ox: How much of human life is wasted in waiting.

Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
AMC Stony Brook – May 23, 2008

There will always be room for a “good old-fashioned action-adventure picture” in movie making. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have cornered the market since the 1970’s, beginning with the Star Wars Trilogy and E.T. respectively. Undoubtedly, the original series featuring Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. (reprised by Harrison Ford) and his adventure quests are revered as milestones in film history.

Back again after 19 years, the three amigos collaborate once more on the latest installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (watch the trailer) The classic score featuring the Indiana Jones theme also continues with the brilliant John Williams.

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Spring Break

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No Post. With the nice weather outside, I decided to take a break this week. Go enjoy the spring!

Next week: Indiana Jones… Back from Retirement!

Mac: This ain’t gonna be easy.
Indiana Jones: Not as easy as it used to be.

Sex and the City to be released in theaters in two weeks. Yay! Planned review for the Sunday of opening weekend, pending I can get the girls together by then. 🙂

Go Speed Racer Go!

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Trixie: Was that a ninja?
Pops Racer: More like a “non”-ja.

Speed Racer
AMC Loews Stony Brook – May 9, 2008

After viewing the seizure-inducing trailer, I expected a full-on visual assault (you know, in the good way) from the CGI-rrific remake of the classic 1967 cartoon series, Speed Racer.

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The Age of the Movie Musical… (Across the Universe DVD)

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Max: Why is it always what will I do? What will he do? Oh my god, what will he do! Do, do, do, do, do. Why isn’t the issue here who I am?
Uncle Teddy: Because, Maxwell, what you do defines who you are.
Max: No, Uncle Teddy. Who you are defines what you do. Right, Jude?
Jude: [awkward] … Well, surely it’s not what you do, but the, uh… the way that you do it.

Across the Universe
DVD Wednesday – April 30, 2008

A friend recently lent me a copy of Across the Universe on DVD, and by thus becoming the first request for an Organized Confusion review!

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