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PJ Cinemas – Saturday, December 22nd

Went to see Juno with my movie mate, Turtle. In short, the plot involves a 16 year old girl who becomes pregnant and decides to give it up for adoption. Wackiness ensues. Nice to see a strong female teenager again, circa Ghost World and Freaks and Geeks TV Series.

To begin with, major kudos to the soundtrack supervisor. Used young female “amateur” music to convey an innocence and vulnerability that enhanced feeling toward the main character, Juno.

Cast includes Ellen Page as Juno. Hadn’t heard of her until now… looking forward to seeing future work. In spite of the subject matter, the character of Juno was well-rounded and relevant to today’s youth. When trying to tell her parents she’s pregnant, she actually says, “It would be friggin’ sweet if no one hit me right now.” One star (almost) removed for moments of over-sentimentality, but not as a result of her flawless performance. Wonder how much of her own personality was incorporated or if she played the role as written. If so, where inspiration for the character was pulled from? Good questions for Wikipedia.

Also, the kid from Superbad. No, not the large one with the glasses, nor McLovin. Gave a solid performance as “the father of aforementioned baby.” Could have gone the way of Napolean Dynamite, but did not. Thankfully just the right amount of nerd, Goldilocks.

POSSIBLE SPOILER: Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman as the adopting couple… now there’s a pairing. I’m thinking that was no accident; either the tension aided the story well or these two were just not convincing as a couple to begin with.

Allison Janney rounds out the cast as Juno’s stepmom. So happy they didn’t go the stereotypical “I hate you just because you aren’t my mom” route. The relationship that develops between Juno and her stepmom is heart-warming and unconventional in the great way. Love when Janney makes powerful supporting impact on a film (i.e. American Beauty as Ricky’s mom).

Even with the strong content, it seemed that the humor was somewhat lost at times on the teenage girls sitting in front of us. Leading to the conclusion that the target audience for this movie is probably for females a bit older, but not necessarily more mature. In other words, me. 🙂 If you went/want to see Lars and the Real Girl and own Little Miss Sunshine or any Wes Anderson flick, you will like this movie.

Recommendation: Rent it, unless you are a indie film nut. In which case you’ve probably already bought it in your mind.



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