Tax Season is so taxing!

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Extending sabbatical through April 13th… Too much going on! Hope you are all well and will give an update later in the week.


Happy Arbitrary Egg-Boiling Day…

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No offense to those who celebrate for religious reasons. My family hasn’t celebrated Easter in a long time, much to my chagrin. I love coloring eggs!

Need another day or so on the Double B Feature, as I accidentally tripped into a Pushing Daisies marathon today. Good show. Didn’t realize it had such production value going for it. Will continue to watch when reaired.

Thanks and have a swell holiday!

Short Sabbatical

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Though a sabbatical is normally defined as one who takes a leave of absence from work to rest or learn a new skill (re: above definition), I am taking a short sabbatical this and next week from the Orgconfuz blog to concentrate on my new business.

Back on Sunday March 23rd – All-new TV Watch blog post planned. Yes, kids… I’m mixing it up. This time, its a “Double B” Double Feature:

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) and Breaking Bad (AMC)

These two shows have recently been added to my regular TV Schedule (consisting now only of LOST due to the lack of post-strike episodes). DVD Wednesday also on hold for now.

See you in a couple of weeks!

10,000 Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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D’Leh: [in the pit, after deciding to not kill the Saber-tooth] Do not eat me when I save your life!

10000 bc pic

10,000 B.C.
AMC Stony Brook – March 7th, 2008

I fell asleep. And for a movie of that caliber, that says a lot. Plot was weak, acting was sub-par, and the special effects were eh. From the director of Independence Day, I really expected more.

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The Darjeeling Limited

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Francis: [Francis and Peter are beating each other up] You don’t love me!
Peter: Yes I do!
Jack: I love you too, but I’m gonna mace you in the face!

The Darjeeling Limited
DVD Release – February 22, 2008

What can I say? I heart Wes Anderson. In my lifetime, I have heard many scoff at this man’s genius. One (ex) friend even believed that people who enjoyed his films only did so to cultivate an eccentricity about themselves or just to seem cool, hip or “with it.” To that I have always argued… If an artist believes in his/her vision so deeply as to not compromise the integrity or creative truths set forth by said vision, then that artist deserves applause, or at least a respectable chance in this business. Damn box office success! We want depth, we want artistic discovery, and we want quirkiness as all get out! (Ok, it got away from me there at the end… nonetheless true however)

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The Animation Show…. YAY!

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Damn the illusion of movement! Damn the illusion of movement to hell!

The Animation Show
DVD – March 2nd

animation show

As part of our weekly house movie night, I chose one of my prized possessions on DVD… The Animation Show. I love showing these animated shorts to people, not just because I love them myself but each reaction is vastly different amongst the friends and family I have subjected this collection to. Admittedly, most of these shorts are an acquired taste. However, sometimes it’s nice to experience something a little offbeat (and somewhat disturbing) to wring out the week.

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