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Wow! I can’t believe that Orgconfuz will pass the 10,000 mark this week! Thank you so much for reading.

Lumiere Theater – May 9, 2009

A man becomes infected with Lyme’s Disease in Syosset, Long Island in the 1970’s. The effects on his family, friends and neighbors are tri-fold. The tale of a young man’s (Rory Culkin) journey coming to grips with his truly dysfunctional family dynamic, while dealing with the trials of puberty… It was an okay movie to see in the theater, but I think the plot could have been a little stronger. In a whiff of American Beauty minus the ending, Lymelife ultimately delivers everything it sets out to do, but somehow leaves us with the sense that more could have been done with it. Whether deliberate or not, it quickly becomes an ensemble piece that just could not be carried by any one character. However having said that, everyone still did a nice job. Apparently, the plot was the real life experience of the writers/directors/brothers Derick and Stephen Martini. For a full and truly insightful interview with Derick Martini, click here.

still1_fsThe last movie I saw one of the Culkins in was Igby Goes Down. From that performance, I knew that Kiernan Culkin had come into his own since his previously beloved Home Alone cameos. The Culkin family has clearly learn from one another and glimmers of said acting style carries down through to the youngest, Rory. Given the script, Rory did a pretty good job fleshing out the “main character” but did not hold enough weight to carry the movie. Then again, he was paired with power players like Alec Baldwin and Jill Hennessey (of Crossing Jordan) playing the parents (sidenote: Um, ok?? By the looks of all four of them, this strains the family dynamic visually a bit, cause there’s just no way this family could have happened barring adoption, but I digress…) Kiernan makes a short appearance as his brother in the movie and their real relationship made their scenes together relatively stronger as a result. Emma Roberts is probably the weakest link here as the young girl/object of affection. By way of the American Beauty example, she simply falls flat by comparison to Thora Birch or Mena Suvari.

Surprising to see that Martin Scorsese had exec produced here, but not so unbelievable by way of casting which also includes Timothy Hutton as the affected Lyme’s disease husband and Cynthia Nixon (of Sex and the City) as his wife. It was nice to see all of them again in types of roles we have not previously seen them in, particularly Alec Baldwin whose character is quite deflated and hence more substantive by comparison to his currently renowned portrayal on 30 Rock.

Recommendation: If you want to see an ensemble piece about two families in the 1970’s on Long Island with a plot riddled with sexual experimentation by both teenagers and adults alike, go rent Ang Lee’s the Ice Storm. A collection of heavy hitters with an ultimately more compelling plot. Otherwise, Lymelife is not a bad rental if you are bored and want to see some solid performances.



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