It’s funny cause it’s true…

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Yet another sidenote, but I can’t help myself…


not ready to come back yet…

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not yet
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KATH & KIM: Update

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Kath & Kim
NBC Thursdays – 8:30 PM

After hearing that the UK/US ocean crossover of The IT Crowd had been shelved and replaced by the US “makeover” of hit Australian show Kath & Kim… needless to say I was bummed. However, as a firm believer of not judging something before you give it a chance, I decided to watch the premiere episode. Watch it here at Hulu. See Premiere review here.

UPDATE 11/13/08:

So now a bunch of episodes have aired… so I feel its time for an addendum to my review. Continue Reading KATH & KIM: Update…

My Sweet baby cousin Mila! Welcome to the World!

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Sweet baby Mila
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