(Over)Step Brothers

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Dale Doback: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
Brennan Huff: It will give us so much extra space in our room to do activities!
Dr. Robert Doback: You’re adults, you can do what you want.
Dale Doback: So… can we?

Step Brothers
AMC Stony Brook – August 21, 2008

After feeling pummeled from Henry Poole, I needed a comedy. Something light and frothy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Choices were limited to Mamma Mia, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, or the following…

So I wandered my way over to the next theater to take in one of the final showings of Step Brothers, the latest comedy from the powerhouse comedy duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. The theater undoubtedly was empty, as theaters tend to be at 2 pm on a Thursday, save for two I’m going to say early college, late high school age boys. Perfect, I thought. When will I ever get the chance to see a movie solely with a film’s target demographic? Score!

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Q is coming…

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The next Orgconfuz review is a birthday request by a loyal fan, FangoC. Check out the teaser trailer for Q: The Winged Serpent.

As I have never heard of this film before, I am excited to see what its all about! Yay!

Henry Poole was here… And he sued for malpractice.

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Esparanza: You know you can’t go to the past to fix the future.
Henry Poole: You sound like a fortune cookie.
Esparanza: [laughs] Cookies can’t talk.

Henry Poole is Here
AMC Stony Brook – August 21, 2008

By now, my love of independent film should be apparent to the Orgconfuz audience, based on the variety of reviews ventured on thus far. May it never be said that I did not give a fair shot to the poor yet earnest filmmakers of this world. The plight of the independent filmmaker is a noble one, an uphill battle the whole way. Getting films produced – particularly in an struggling economy – is hard enough even before it graces the big screen. And for that I applaud you. May Hollywood continue to take a chance on the underdog!

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Pineapple Express = Stoner Gold

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Dale: You’re gonna go off to college soon… and you’re gonna start listening to bands like Godspeed, You Black Emperor! and the Shins… and then you’ll dye your hair black and become a lesbian… and then you’ll dump me… so go ahead and have fun!

Pineapple Express
AMC Stony Brook – August 15, 2008

Seth Rogen has become the next go-to funny guy of Hollywood. It seems that instead of succumbing to typecasting, he has decided to embrace his personality and make films that he himself would want to see. After all, he and his writing partner Evan Goldberg are responsible for the teen comedy hit, Superbad. Bringing their experiences with “certain extra-curricular activities” in a fictitious yet hilarious odyssey was enjoyable, but also challenging. As quoted in a recent interview, “Pineapple Express is the highest budget stoner comedy ever made, but it’s also the lowest budget action movie ever made.”

Pineapple Express (sober) Trailer

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The Freak Power Base (GONZO: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson)

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Hunter S. Thompson: I’d like 3 margaritas and 6 beers.
Waitress: Are you expecting additional parties, sir?
Hunter S. Thompson: Well, you can find out what the people next to me want, but I want 3 margaritas and 6 beers.

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson
Cinema Arts Centre – August 3, 2008

Unfortunately, I have come to realize how rare it is that I venture on a film documentary or what the industry deems a “bio pic”. Not a regular watcher of PBS or the History Channel, I tend to focus more on fiction rather than fact, for no particular reason really. So when I come across a subject of interest – such as a crazy but brilliant writer like Hunter S. Thompson – the opportunity to learn perks up in me… and this review is the result. Now, it would be nice to think that this may turn into a 9th grade book report on Hunter’s life and work, but that’s what the movie is all about. That and the many shocked and inspired reactions that come from witnessing a life lived beyond the edge.

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The Animation Show Year 3 (DVD) and Year 4 in NYC!

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The Animation Show
IFC Center, NYC  – August 10, 2008

Year Four of the Animation Show! This will be a short review and serve more as a collection of found video links for the various contributed films, as I doubt many will have seen it (or will be able to see it based on limited runs). I am a firm believer that with certain works of art, it is best to allow everyone to form their own opinion. The Animation Show is no exception. The program’s website has information on each animated short featured in the 2008, and all previous years as well. There is also a Wiki dedicated to the Animation Show.

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Oh well…

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Spent the time I had to write my review watching The Goonies on the Spanish Channel and uploading pics to Flickr… If you haven’t checked out my Flickr account yet, it is accessible through the widget in the right hand column.

Coming up on Orgconfuz:

The Animation Show 4

GONZO: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson

2008 Bejing Olympic Ceremonies / Zhang Yimou & Avatar: The Complete Series Musical Tribute

Just a couple of things to look forward to… Thanks for reading!

And the Hits just keep on coming…

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Just hit 2,000 visits! Whoo hoo!

Marking the Dark Knight as the 50th post, wholehearted thanks to all the Orgconfuz Readers… 🙂

Justin Survived the Japanese Game Show, MAJIDE!

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A quick follow-up to my I Survived a Japanese Game Show Review to congratulate Justin Wood for winning the competition. Truthfully, my money was on Donnell to win as he was a very worthy competitor. Interesting as I saw no further announcements of this win on any of the daytime talk shows today. Not even ABC’s Live with Regis and Kelly or Good Morning America… You would think that the TV station would want to promote the winner of this great show, even just to wrap-up the season. Hmmm, does that indicate lack of popularity or no second season in the works?? That would be a shame.

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The Organized Confusion Playlist

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Organized Confusion has long awaited the opportunity to include music alongside its many film reviews for the past 6 months. (Wow, has it been that long already??) By poking around the internet, I was able to find a free way to include mp3’s on the site! Yay!

To celebrate this, a glass of champagne has been raised to the inaugural Orgconfuz podcast celebrating the first of many entitled The Organized Confusion Playlist. Click the link below and bookmark for future reference.


Also a quick reminder to friend Organized Confusion on Myspace to receive bulletins on post updates for both blogs, as well as an image archive and see other Orgconfuz readers! I may even be able to stream the podcast straight from Myspace. (Haven’t figured that one out yet, so all advice is appreciated.)

Since schedules have eluded me recently, the weekly post structure has yet to be set. So maybe we shall just play things by ear to start out with… The goal is for a weekly update of some kind, so please stay tuned!

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