(S)laughter is the Best Medicine (The Dark Knight)

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The Joker: If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

The Dark Knight
AMC Stony Brook – July 18
Island 16 – July 28, 2008

Summer blockbusters have officially been taken over… by superheroes! First, I am certain that in recent years the Spiderman series had a hand in fermenting the early summer as the season for comic book heroes to shine. (However, tribute must be paid to the fore fathers of the action-scifi genre, aka Independence Day and the Terminator). As a follow-up act to several other supernatural film releases, one could get the impression that not only has Hollywood embraced the fanboys of graphic novels, the genre has been taken to the next level. To Hellboy with Hancock, this is the best superhero movie made in years!

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Proceed with Caution!

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Yes, Orgconfuz has been M.I.A. the past few weeks, but is back with a total of 5 reviews! Not only that, I am going to back date all the new posts closer to when I saw them… sweeping this sabbatical right under the rug. Mwah-hahaha!!! Stay tuned this weekend while I play catch up!

Enjoy one of my latest photos while you wait…

Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D

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Journey to the Center of the Earth
AMC Stony Brook – July 13, 2008

This is a fun, serious suspension of disbelief flick with great CGI and a fast pace. Great for kids and adults alike, though some references are targeted to the pre-teen and older crowd. The 3D was fun, but kinda unnecessary at times (could have done without not one, but two spittakes in the 3-dimensional face).

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WALL-E: Short and Sweet

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Ship’s Computer: Voice confirmation required.
Captain: Uhhh…
Ship’s Computer: Voice confirmation accepted.

Island 16 – July 8, 2008

Just like the movie’s main character, I’m going to keep this review short and sweet.

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Sex and the City: The Movie

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Mr. Big: You make me very happy.
Carrie Bradshaw: Yeah, yeah… put it in writing.

Sex and the City: The Movie
AMC Stony Brook – June 14 & June 27, 2008

As one can tell by the extreme lateness of this review, I had a little trouble harnessing my full reaction. Not for any negative reasons mind you, but because personally I am processing relationships – romantic and otherwise- a little differently these days. But when my gay best friend and my best girl friend starting crying out and shunning me over it (not seriously, of course), I figured it was finally time to finish it.

Let me begin by saying I truly love and respect the SATC series. So much so that I own that certain pink fuzzy boxset, now worn from use. These four women have had an profound effect on my life, and therefore I vibrantly joined the female masses in glee as the continuation of this story became a feature length film. As Oprah says, “Sex is back in the city and they bring it to the screen as only this fabulous foursome can.”

For those that have not seen the film (better yet, have not completed the series), I would turn away now. There really is no way to review the film without picking up where the series ended. The plot progresses, as all human lives do, into the next chapter of the four main characters’ lives. To truly appreciate the emotional spectrum (ok, now I’m really a girl), I implore you to finish the series!

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An Unmarried Woman: Prelude to Sex and The City

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An Unmarried Woman
DVD – July 2, 2008

By recommendation of Sarah Jessica Parker in an interview in New York magazine, I rented a DVD of the 1978 film, An Unmarried Woman. She calls it an earlier version of Sex and the City, set in a far rawer seventies Manhattan. For the time, An Unmarried Woman was quite controversial, but very well received.

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