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Watch also for an update to the PHOTO/ART page, where I will post pics from my recent trip to the MOMA for the Seurat Exhibit. Fun Stuff!


TV Watch Update

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Sorry TV Lovers…. I have been neglecting you in favor of movie reviews. You would think that with the strike and everything I would have loads to catch up on (and I do.)

Promises of Dexter soon, now that CBS has taken a hint and gone the way of TBS with Sex and the City. Fair warning, I will be brutal to this format as I am a purist and believe that a show should not be edited for mainstream channels just cause the “censors” wont allow certain images. That’s why the 10pm time slot is so popular nowadays. I can remember a time when there was barely any good TV past 9 pm. Times they are a changin’!

Save two hours… Don’t Meet the Spartans

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Narrator: If the child is Vietnamese, then Angelina Jolie gets first dibs…

Meet the Spartans
AMC Stony Brook – January 25, 2008

Ugh. Not even worth the time to write a review, nor worth your time reading it. Continue Reading Save two hours… Don’t Meet the Spartans…

Laugh until you cry (Bucket List)

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Edward Cole: The sequel was like that. She never backed me up on anything.
Carter Chambers: The sequel?
Edward Cole: The second Mrs Edward Cole.
[Carter rolls his eyes]
Edward Cole: Hell, that woman hated me.
Kyle the parachutist: Maybe its because you called her the sequel.

Laugh until you cryThe Bucket List
Island 16 – January 24, 2008

Usually, I tend to shy away from formulaic movies… A “Throw them together and see what happens” kind of film. In this case, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. These two powerhouse performers have just as much chance at chemistry as did Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, or Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep, or even David Spade and Chris Farley. Continue Reading Laugh until you cry (Bucket List)…

Blank Slate Required… (Cloverfield Review)

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Hud: “It’s time to leave the electronics store…”

Island 16 – January 18, 2008

It’s a slippery slope, trying to review a movie like this without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it. This is not like Sweeney Todd, where I held my strong opinions but warned readers to ignore them and see it anyway. However, I did not start this review blog to shy people away from my opinion either. So here is my advice.

If you have not seen or researched the movie before now, STOP. STOP RIGHT NOW. Trust me, its better that way.

Continue Reading Blank Slate Required… (Cloverfield Review)…


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AMC Loews Stony Brook – January 11, 2008

Do not read what I am about to post if you plan to see the movie with fresh eyes and mind!

Continue Reading NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN…

Give him a hand! He’s British!!!

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Guy Fleegman: HEY! Don’t open the door! It’s an alien planet! You don’t know if there’s oxygen out the–
[Guy holds his breath. Kwan sniffs the air and shrugs]
Fred Kwan: Seems okay.

Galaxy Quest
GBFF’s – January 7, 2008

Ok enough with the movie reviews already! 🙂 I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Galaxy Quest, which I saw for the first time tonight. Pretty funny with some great one liners. Seems I’m on an Alan Rickman kick recently. But he’s just soooo good.

Continue Reading Give him a hand! He’s British!!!…

Charlie Wilson’s War

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Joanne Herring: Why is Congress saying one thing and doing nothing?
Charlie Wilson: Well, tradition mostly.

Charlie Wilson’s War
Island 16 – January 4, 2008

Decent movie with phenomenal cast! Super kudos as always to Phillip Seymour Hoffman for yet another transformation of self. Strong showing from Julia Roberts as well, and Tom Hanks doing the Tom Hanks thing.

Continue Reading Charlie Wilson’s War…

P.S. Love doesn’t happen this way…

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Jerry: “Just a reminder… there is NO SUCH THING as a Vampire Slayer.”

P.S. I Love You
PJ Cinemas – January 1, 2008

Remember the time when you got lost in Ireland only to meet your husband who would then die ten years later from a brain tumor and leave you love letters from the grave? Yeah, I don’t either.

So since I have been running long on these, I’ll keep it short and sweet. P.S. I Love You is for the Garden State* meets You’ve Got Mail crowd. If you enjoy movies about love that have a more personal “diary-esque” feel with random stars thrown in for good measure (meaning that as a compliment), this is the movie for you and your respective loved one.

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