The 80th Annual Academy Awards

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Congrats to all the winners; some I predicted, others came as a surprise.

My favorite wins of the night:
ONCE – Best Original Song! Woo hoo!
Javier Bardem for No Country for Old Men (still don’t know why Josh Brolin wasn’t nominated, but oh well)
Diablo Cody for Juno Screenplay – Friggin sweet~
Atonement for Best Score
Apparently, Ratatouille was good
Marion Cotillard for La Vie En Rose
Daniel Day Lewis for There Will Be Blood

And of course, the gentlemen of the evening…
The Coen Brothers for No Country for Old Men, and rightfully so.
Best Directing, Best Writing, and Best Picture!

For a full list of Oscar winners, go to the official Oscars website.

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The Non-obvious choice… for Once…

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John Carney (On set to Glen Hansard): What if at the end of the scene you say, “What’s the Czech for Do you love him?” She responds and you repeat the Czech back to her. She replies “No” in Czech. But you don’t know what that means…

DVD Review – February 24th

Congratulations to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova on winning Best Original Song for Falling Slowly!! For a minute there, I thought it was going to go to the over-dramatic Enchanted tarts. 😉 Thank goodness. I like Broadway and I love Kristin Chenoweth, but that was just a saaad display. Good thing I didn’t see the movie.

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For You, A Thousand Times Over… (The Kite Runner)

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To Rahim Khan, the man who read my stories before I knew how to write them…

The Kite Runner
PJ Cinemas – February 20, 2008

My plan originally was to read the book first, then see the movie. I have heard from several people that the book is fantastic and well worth reading. If it were not for the 80th Annual Academy Awards, I may have held to that plan. The Kite Runner has been nominated for Best Film Score, though not for Best Foreign Film. (Subtitles aren’t everything, I guess… haha) Since the score for Atonement has also been nominated, it should be interesting to see the outcome in that category.

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Thanks for your patience….

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Those of you on Myspace know that I postponed my Special V-day Weekend review to Wednesday this week. Which is today. Regrettably, neither planned review is done. Grrr, I don’t like being late on things, so believe me when I say this will not become a habit. On the plus side, working on 3 reviews now… A Little Romance, Once (both mostly completed) and now The Kite Runner, which I saw today.

Things have been busy for me on the business front, and this weekend was so jampacked with fun. There just was not enough time to do everything at once. Please check back later for my new posts, as I will be up late concocting the above 3 reviews.

Planning an Oscar prediction blog post for this Sunday. On Saturday, AMC Loews Stony Brook is hosting an all-day Best Picture Showcase. All 5 movies for 30 bucks. Not too shabby.

Here is the schedule:

Michael Clayton – 11 am
There Will Be Blood – 1:20 pm
Atonement – 4:20 pm
Juno – 7 pm
No Country for Old Men – 9 pm

If you are an avid Orgconfuz reader, you already know that I have reviewed 3 of the 5 movies above and had planned to review Atonement but did not get the chance to see it last week (nor did Diving Bell work out.) Look for my Oscap recap and prediction post (on time) on Sunday.

Thank you for reading my reviews. It’s been a fun ride so far.

Suggestion Box

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Is Mad Money for when you go mad or get mad??

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Employment Agent: Are you proficient in any type of software?
Bridget Cardigan: I know Google… [laughs].

Mad Money
AMC Loews Stony Brook – February 8, 2008

Warning: contains spoilers. But really… were you going to see it anyway?

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There Will Be Blood. Eventually.

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Daniel Plainview: I will give you 3000 dollars for your land.
Bandy: I want you to become a member of our church.
Daniel Plainview: I’ll give you 5000 Dollars.

There Will Be Blood
PJ Cinemas – January 30, 2008

There will be blood. Literally.

and Eventually.

This film runs at 158 minutes, which in my humble opinion could have been shaved about an hour or so. Joining one of my best friend’s Steve, we agreed that even though we both understand pacing and character building requires a good length of time, the plot could have been a touch more concise. After letting it sink in for a few days before writing my review, I do find that I appreciate it much more now in retrospect as a whole.

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