Sweet Coraline…

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Coraline Jones: How can you walk away from something and then come towards it?
Cat: Walk around the world.
Coraline Jones: Small world.

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Going to fetch my heart in San Francisco.

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Lots of things happening right now, but first and foremost… My move to San Francisco is official! I will be packing up and heading west as soon as next week. What this means for Organized Confusion? I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll see a movie or two on the way… otherwise, the next post will be coming from the opposite coast. 😀 Yay!

Yes, the Tony Bennett reference is a bit much, but I can’t help but be giddy.

The Organized Confusion Playlist – Episode #3

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NEW EPISODE of The Organized Confusion Playlist!


Go see Paul Blart: Mall Cop!

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I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to go see Paul Blart: Mall Cop this weekend.

An old high school Thespian classmate of mine is in it, Stephen Rannazzisi. From what I can see from the trailer and the exclusive clips on the offical website, Steve plays a disgruntled hostage that may know Blart personally and looks down on his ability to protect the mall. Steve just recently became a father, so I plan go to support the box office opening weekend and I hope you will too!

The Reader

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ROHL: Societies like to think they operate by something called morality. But they don’t. They operate by something called law… Remember, the question is never ‘Was it wrong?’ but ‘Was it legal?’ And not by our laws, no, by the laws at the time.
DIETER: (frowns, unhappy): But isn’t that… narrow?
ROHL: Yes. The law is narrow.


The Reader
AMC Stony Brook – January 14

Semi-spontaneously, I went to see The Reader today as a matinee with my Mom – which is exactly how it should be seen. Despite the matinee senior citizen crowd, this is a gentle film with hard subject matter.

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Happy Birthday, Organized Confusion!

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One year ago today, I posted my first review of Juno… Even though I am on hiatus due to a cross country move and other such nonsense, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of the readers of ORGCONFUZ this year. It’s been a wild ride. Look for more reviews in the coming year!

Seven Pounds

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Ben Thomas: I haven’t treated myself very well.
Emily Posa: Start now.


Seven Pounds
AMC Stony Brook – December 19, 2008

Right before the snow hit, my friend Drew and I ventured out at 11 am to see the second showing of the newly released movie Seven Pounds. This will be a brief review: not only because of my hiatus, but because this film is one that is better off shrouded in mystery.

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It’s funny cause it’s true…

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Yet another sidenote, but I can’t help myself…

not ready to come back yet…

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not yet
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KATH & KIM: Update

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Kath & Kim
NBC Thursdays – 8:30 PM

After hearing that the UK/US ocean crossover of The IT Crowd had been shelved and replaced by the US “makeover” of hit Australian show Kath & Kim… needless to say I was bummed. However, as a firm believer of not judging something before you give it a chance, I decided to watch the premiere episode. Watch it here at Hulu. See Premiere review here.

UPDATE 11/13/08:

So now a bunch of episodes have aired… so I feel its time for an addendum to my review. Continue Reading KATH & KIM: Update…

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