It’s a New Baby!

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The 24" inch iMac. Whoa.

Apologies to all for the recent absence of updates… my review eyes were waaay bigger than my stomach. The transition to California continues swimmingly and will be completed by next week. However, all shall be rewarded very soon as I have a new baby coming! Yes that’s right… the 24″ piece of stunning technology pictured to the right will at last be MINE! Yay! I’m so excited, I can hardly contain my emotion!!!

What does this mean: More reviews to come, and major catch-up is required. Also, the podcast supplement entitled The Orgconfuz Playlist will now become much more frequent and hopefully clearer now that I have a microphone headset. Thanks for your patience!!


SFIAAFF: The Panda Candy

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The Panda Candy
SFIAAFF @ Sundance Kabuki Theater – March 14, 2009

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not ready to come back yet…

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not yet
Originally uploaded by diwan

13 Awesomely Creative Halloween costume ideas

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While searching for Halloween costume ideas, I came across this blog post with

13 Awesomely creative Halloween costume ideas

The first is truly horrifying… a few are funny and possibly doable. 🙂

New Pics from Central Park…

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Let’s go to the mall! lol
Originally uploaded by kdt42

Shameless self promotion of my own Flickr page… On my hiatus from Organized Confusion, I have been having a little fun! Check out these new pics from my trip into the city for Central Park in Fall. It was still a little early for the full colors, but it was a gorgeous fall day.

“I recall Central Park in Fall…” – Wayne Newton

Brain Hemorrhage Anyone?

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Brain Hemorrhage Anyone?
by TangoPango

Gross-looking but supposedly tasty Halloween Drink!

Turtle forwarded me a link for Halloween drink ideas for my upcoming Halloween Party that is now sadly cancelled… still fun to look at ideas for years to come. According to the Flickr photographer TangoPango, the drink goes like this.

Brain Hemorrhage
1/2 – 3/4 oz. Peach Schnapps
Float 1-2 Tbl. of Baileys on top
Drop 1 tsp of grenadine through the Baileys.

Theatrical magic… and it tastes like Peaches and Cream!

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Saw the revival of Equus last night with Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths, two actors of Harry Potter fame. Haunting performances given by both, but the show as a whole was brilliantly directed by Thea Shaddock and designed by John Napier. Opening to great reviews, my mother and I decided to go for her birthday, and we were both glad we did. Here’s to Orgconfuz’s first theater review! Continue Reading Equus…

The Animation Show Year 3 (DVD) and Year 4 in NYC!

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The Animation Show
IFC Center, NYC  – August 10, 2008

Year Four of the Animation Show! This will be a short review and serve more as a collection of found video links for the various contributed films, as I doubt many will have seen it (or will be able to see it based on limited runs). I am a firm believer that with certain works of art, it is best to allow everyone to form their own opinion. The Animation Show is no exception. The program’s website has information on each animated short featured in the 2008, and all previous years as well. There is also a Wiki dedicated to the Animation Show.

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The Animation Show…. YAY!

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Damn the illusion of movement! Damn the illusion of movement to hell!

The Animation Show
DVD – March 2nd

animation show

As part of our weekly house movie night, I chose one of my prized possessions on DVD… The Animation Show. I love showing these animated shorts to people, not just because I love them myself but each reaction is vastly different amongst the friends and family I have subjected this collection to. Admittedly, most of these shorts are an acquired taste. However, sometimes it’s nice to experience something a little offbeat (and somewhat disturbing) to wring out the week.

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The 80th Annual Academy Awards

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Congrats to all the winners; some I predicted, others came as a surprise.

My favorite wins of the night:
ONCE – Best Original Song! Woo hoo!
Javier Bardem for No Country for Old Men (still don’t know why Josh Brolin wasn’t nominated, but oh well)
Diablo Cody for Juno Screenplay – Friggin sweet~
Atonement for Best Score
Apparently, Ratatouille was good
Marion Cotillard for La Vie En Rose
Daniel Day Lewis for There Will Be Blood

And of course, the gentlemen of the evening…
The Coen Brothers for No Country for Old Men, and rightfully so.
Best Directing, Best Writing, and Best Picture!

For a full list of Oscar winners, go to the official Oscars website.

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