The Animation Show Year 3 (DVD) and Year 4 in NYC!

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The Animation Show
IFC Center, NYC  – August 10, 2008

Year Four of the Animation Show! This will be a short review and serve more as a collection of found video links for the various contributed films, as I doubt many will have seen it (or will be able to see it based on limited runs). I am a firm believer that with certain works of art, it is best to allow everyone to form their own opinion. The Animation Show is no exception. The program’s website has information on each animated short featured in the 2008, and all previous years as well. There is also a Wiki dedicated to the Animation Show.

PES – Western Spaghetti

This year’s festival was good. There were some that were funnier than others, particularly the PES short entitled “Western Spaghetti” (see video above). Of course, the famous Bill Plympton includes the third installment of the Dog series: Guard Dog, Guide Dog, and now Hot Dog! (see below).

Bill Plympton’s Hot Dog (trailer)

Other notable shorts from this year’s program (in no particular order) are:

Show Opener: War Photographer by Joel Trussell

Operator by Matthew Walker – To find out how to reach God, click here for the Operator 😉

Also, Matthew Walker had another sweet little short called John and Karen. It’s about a polar bear apologizing to a penguin for a fight they had gotten into earlier and then have some tea and cookies. Awww…

Raymond by BIF Productions – As always, there are parts of the Animation Show program that are disturbingly beautiful…

the Psychotown shorts – The linked short is about friends staging a coup. Reminiscent of Terence and Phillip from South Park, but from down under! There were three shown, but I can’t find my favorite one. Maybe there is a DVD boxset… from the demented mind of (Interview with Dave Carter)

Angry Unpaid Hooker – Apparently, this short is an excerpt from a upcoming HBO show called The Life and Times of Tim

Key Lime PieAnimation Show Listing This one reminds me of Sam Keith’s The Maxx a little…

This Way Up Animation Show Listing This is very Burtonesque, and fun!

the USAVICH shorts: I think this one was called Beware of Dance

From the makers of the Adventures of Ricardo comes a new creature named Yompi, who has a terrible habit. I’m all for claymation, but this puts even Gumby to shame!

LOVE SPORT:Paintballing – Very cute. Link on right of Youtube page for high res video.

Forgetfullness – Julian Grey, meet Michel Gondry… 🙂

Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hazen, and Mr. Horlocker – LOL Love it!

These are all from the same Art school in Canada, Gobelins:

Burning Safari – which reminded me a little of Wall-E

Blind Spot – An unfortunate place and time for all.

Voodoo – So good that I wish it were longer!

And last but not least, Jeu by Georges Schwizgebel, my favorite fine art animator in the collection. I just love his technique of using a large pane of glass and painting the transformation in one grand motion. Outstanding! (trailer)

Georges Schwizgebel does Cinderella in Les Jeune Fille Et Les Nuages

From Year 3 comes The Man with No Shadow = L’homme sans ombre

Please see my Animation Show Year 1+2 DVD Boxset review for more information on great animation!

I also received the Animation Show 3 DVD for my birthday. It was also good, but I have to say nothing beats the first year with all the Don Hertzfeldt shorts. With Hertzfeldt’s big announcement that he will no longer be a part of the Animation Show Programming, my heart broke a little as he was the reason I got turned on to the Animation festival circuit to begin with. (Actually, it was my friend Mike who dragged me to my first Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted Animation Festival, and to whom I owe my sick and twisted sense of humor.) Word on the street is that the program has suffered as a result of this loss. Though Don’s silly insanities will be missed, I look forward to see what comes from this. Will another animator step in to curate? Bill Plympton perhaps? Can’t wait until next year!

I wonder if After Effects projects are considered if they are mostly text based. there are some great short clips from design students that I have come across recently. Here is one that advertises the Showtime TV series, Dexter:

Pretty great, makes me want to create something myself! Hmm, maybe next year.

RATING: *****/5
Recommendation: Love this stuff! Wish there were more festivals during the year!


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