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May 31, 2008 at 2:08 pm | Posted in orgconfuz | Leave a comment

For those who do not know, there is a dedicated myspace page for Organized Confusion.

Orgconfuz myspace blog post on the Benefits of Subscription:

No More shall the Organized Confusion announcements come from my personal Myspace page.

This is not a replacement for the actual Organized Confusion blog, merely an avenue to connect the Myspace junkies we know and love. I hope this does not become too confusing for everyone, so let me break it down for you this way:

🙂 Friending Orgconfuz is like Subscribing to blog announcements.

Benefits of the dedicated ORGCONFUZ Myspace page:
– A convenient and streamlined way to announce new reviews without forcing readers to always check Orgconfuz themselves.
– The Default Picture: Represent the latest review posted. Want to know if that sort of cool new movie was reviewed? Just check your friends page for the Orgconfuz Icon!
– Bulletins: Bulletins for New reviews and other Orgconfuz announcements will be posted on the day of release. The Blog on Orgconfuz’s Myspace homepage will act as a Bulletin archive for news and updates.
– General Myspace features: Connect with other Orgconfuz readers viewed in Top Friends!

I emplore you to visit the dedicated myspace page and befriend Orgconfuz! It will always remain in my Top Friends, so you will be able to find it easy. I have also created an avatar, located in About Me section that links directly to Organized Confusion site.


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