No Country For Old Men *DVD Update*

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Deputy: This sure is a mess. Ain’t it, Sheriff?
Sheriff: If it ain’t, it’ll do ’til the mess gets here.

DVD Wednesday – 2nd Viewing – April 12, 2008

Though a firm believer in the purity of first viewing reactions, I bring you an even more glowing 2nd viewing wrap-up of No Country for Old Men. Again, this is a phenomenal film. Second time around only improved the pacing and the flow of the story. The noir-inspired suspense, the thrill of the chase, the carefully placed violence… all spectacular.

I became a Coen Brothers fan about 5 years ago when an ex recommended Raising Arizona. To be introduced to the Coens in the comedic genre has (for me) given their gripping dramas and suspense-filled thrillers an expansive yet underlying satirical humor that speaks to the human condition. Tommy Lee Jones is even quoted saying that No Country for Old Men “could be considered a comedy,” as it is rife with humorous quips. Jones’ character as the Sheriff shares a good portion of the laughs (re: quote above). His quick observational banter added much needed perspective in opposition to the horrific evil he faced with, as his feelings of age and inadequacy to catch the killer thats forever ten steps ahead.

Congrats again to the Coens for sweeping the Oscars and to Javier Bardem for his terrific and unforgettable performance.

RATING: *****/5
Recommendation: SEE IT! Great movie for a friends night in who enjoy the kind of thriller you can really sink your teeth into.

no country for old men


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