The Animation Show…. YAY!

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Damn the illusion of movement! Damn the illusion of movement to hell!

The Animation Show
DVD – March 2nd

animation show

As part of our weekly house movie night, I chose one of my prized possessions on DVD… The Animation Show. I love showing these animated shorts to people, not just because I love them myself but each reaction is vastly different amongst the friends and family I have subjected this collection to. Admittedly, most of these shorts are an acquired taste. However, sometimes it’s nice to experience something a little offbeat (and somewhat disturbing) to wring out the week.

The Animation Show is a collection of animated shorts gathered from all over the world, produced and distributed by none other than Mike Judge (of Beavis and Butthead fame) and Don Hertzfeldt, one of my favorite animators to date. I learned of Hertzfeldt’s work through Spike and Mike’s Twisted Animation Festival back in 1996. He had quickly gained popularity with his short film “Ah, L’Amour“, his first project while studying at UCSB.

So as to keep to the two hour limit, I only showed a handful of the shorts:

1_still5.jpg Animation Show Trilogy (animated by Hertzfeldt)

Welcome to the Show!

mthead Mt. Head

parking Parking

billy Billy’s Balloon

1_lacourse180w.gif La Course A L’Abime (The Rise to the Abyss)

1_cathedral180w.gif The Cathedral

1_fifty180w.gif Fifty Percent Grey

dasrad Das Rad (The Rocks)

guard dog Guard Dog

1_ward13180w.gif Ward 13

6title_hello.gif Hello

1_fallenart180w.gif Fallen Art

RATING: *****/5
Recommendation: Highly recommended for the animation fan to own. If you are so lucky as to have a friend who has such a predilection, watch it with a group and let the creepy, inappropriate laughs begin!

animation show


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