The 80th Annual Academy Awards

February 25, 2008 at 9:00 pm | Posted in art, DVD, movies, music links | 1 Comment

Congrats to all the winners; some I predicted, others came as a surprise.

My favorite wins of the night:
ONCE – Best Original Song! Woo hoo!
Javier Bardem for No Country for Old Men (still don’t know why Josh Brolin wasn’t nominated, but oh well)
Diablo Cody for Juno Screenplay – Friggin sweet~
Atonement for Best Score
Apparently, Ratatouille was good
Marion Cotillard for La Vie En Rose
Daniel Day Lewis for There Will Be Blood

And of course, the gentlemen of the evening…
The Coen Brothers for No Country for Old Men, and rightfully so.
Best Directing, Best Writing, and Best Picture!

For a full list of Oscar winners, go to the official Oscars website.

Have to say though, really not loving Jon Stewart. Particularly that crack and crappy recovery after Glen Hansard’s heartfelt speech. Today however, I did see that he made sure that Marketa had her chance to speak after they played her off the stage. (Best Song Co-Winner gets a Second Chance) Much public remorse from the producer of the Oscars who in the above referenced article admitted to “looking down when ordering the music cue.”

Hmmmm, interesting… Considering how they let the 100 year old man go on and on, when only two? years earlier, they played off Sinatra. And how vocally pissed Ethan Coen was about being played off the stage as well during the receipt of their first award for writing. Yes, he had two other chances to speak and chose a snippy retort instead of actually saying what he wanted to the first time. (Not the best time to be huffy, guys) Oh well. They have nothing to complain about in my book.

Speaking of pissed – Oh boy, PTA! Complete shutout. I thought they might have at least thrown you one of the credits received by the Coen Brothers. Are you the next Scorsese? I still love you and your movies. How you do go on. 😀

And George Clooney. He had a squint about him the whole night that seemed very controlled. As if his inner dialogue was saying, “Hold on til your award category. I can’t believe Tilda Swinton referenced the f-in bat nipples! That Biatch! Keep cool. Act surprised when they shaft you, act surprised when they shaft you…” Deep down, he knew he didn’t have a shot in hell against Daniel Day-Lewis. And so did we.

What the hell was all that “This might really waste your time” montages all about? And they are worried about running over? They must have scramble every writer in town after the strike to write for this thing, and that is the filler they come up with? Super lame.

Speaking of Super Lame – Superbad’s Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan. Um, no. Love you guys, but no. Don’t do that again.

Was Jack Nicholson wearing those Transition Sunglasses that fade in darkness and turn clear in light? What was up with that?

Overall, I have to say it was an entertaining show. And I thank and give praise to the TIVO Gods for making pausing and fast-forwarding live TV possible.


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  1. That Foreign actress is Marion Cotillard (French). As predicted, my favorites (Julie Christie and Sarah Polley of Away From Her, and the movie Atonement, glad it won the Original Score though.) did not win. However, I do wish them well and look forward to more of their excellent work in the coming days.

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