Blank Slate Required… (Cloverfield Review)

January 20, 2008 at 9:00 am | Posted in movies | 1 Comment

Hud: “It’s time to leave the electronics store…”

Island 16 – January 18, 2008

It’s a slippery slope, trying to review a movie like this without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it. This is not like Sweeney Todd, where I held my strong opinions but warned readers to ignore them and see it anyway. However, I did not start this review blog to shy people away from my opinion either. So here is my advice.

If you have not seen or researched the movie before now, STOP. STOP RIGHT NOW. Trust me, its better that way.

I came to this movie knowing virtually nothing (and ignored what little I did know about it while watching it). Turtle, the all-knowing, wiki-religious JJ Abrams fan, informed me that the concept was supposed to be something like “Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla” which confused me more than got me excited. All I know is I love teaser trailers that reveal nothing but a hint of ominous circumstance and huge special effects. It reminded me of the first time I saw The Fifth Element teaser.

Those who have seen the movie sure as hell know what I am talking about and will understand what I am about to do. So on that note, I am recinding my review. Let’s just say that I loved it (even though the beginning ran a little long but I understand why it has to be that way.)

RATING: *****/5
Recommendation: See it! Movie theater required. We ended up in the 2nd row in the Director’s Hall and the movie didn’t feel too close or fast at that distance, which means major kudos.


Look for the white easter egg! 😉
I love the part in Central Park when Hud looks up… and I swear, there’s a moment there… the expression on the monster?/alien?’s face was like “SLOTH LOVE CHUNK” lol


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  1. I saw Cloverfield too, and I loved it. I cant wait to see it again either!

    And yes I agree. the begining did run a bit long. After a while, I felt like telling those people to shut up and get to the action already!

    Cant wait for your next review!


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