P.S. Love doesn’t happen this way…

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Jerry: “Just a reminder… there is NO SUCH THING as a Vampire Slayer.”

P.S. I Love You
PJ Cinemas – January 1, 2008

Remember the time when you got lost in Ireland only to meet your husband who would then die ten years later from a brain tumor and leave you love letters from the grave? Yeah, I don’t either.

So since I have been running long on these, I’ll keep it short and sweet. P.S. I Love You is for the Garden State* meets You’ve Got Mail crowd. If you enjoy movies about love that have a more personal “diary-esque” feel with random stars thrown in for good measure (meaning that as a compliment), this is the movie for you and your respective loved one.

If you are like me, an emotional sado-masochist currently without a respective loved one, I would stay away till you can grip reality. lol These movies are designed for the optimist in love, longing for triumph over adversity and having a beautiful man to reminisce about. Unless you want to subject yourself to the affirmation of true love (and not in the funny Princess Bride kind of way) take a pass and go see Walk Hard.

Joining my GBFF Turtle, we collectively enjoyed the soundtrack from this movie. Lots of singing by the leading McHOTTIE (literally Irish lol) Gerard Butler regretfully left out of the official version on iTunes. Happy to see Camera Obscura used for the opening credits! I think in my next life I’ll be a soundtrack supervisor.

More and more often the “pseudo-ensemble” cast model is being utilized. (Phrase patent pending lol) Though McHottie/Jerry (Gerard Butler) and Holly (Hillary Swank)’s relationship is the clear focus of the story, strong performances from supporting roles round out the surprisingly lengthy and discombobulated recovery of Holly over Jerry’s death.

  • Kathy Bates as Holly’s mother – Moments in the story hit a little too close to home with my own mother. But Kathy is great as always. Sometimes it seems like she is in a lot of movies and then she pops up when I least expect it.
  • Friends played by Lisa Kudrow (pulling from Ursula’s snottiness on Friends), Gina Gershon (who honestly didn’t make a lot of sense as Hillary Swank’s friend. I prefer Krista Allen for those kind of roles) And most randomly, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Nellie McKay who is a nice addition as Holly’s sister. Very cute, sweet and light like an angel food cake. Reminds me of a few friends of mine. Nellie is actually a folk singer that I have known about for a few years. Her music is in the vein of Jill Sobule and one of my found-art folk gems, Devon Sproule. Had no idea she liked to act. Maybe they put her in cause she sings the title track on the soundtrack, P.S. I Love You. Wonder if she inspired the movie or if she was commissioned to write it. Hmmm, its a chicken or the egg kind of question.

RATING: ***/5
Recommendation: Rent the DVD with your sweetie on a rainy night or watch it on HBO if there is nothing else on at 2 am. It might give you a good cry, but it’ll be worth it.



*While on Emusic earlier today, I was reading a review of The Ponys album Turn the Lights Out. One of the reviewers said: “It’s only a matter of time before they get zachbraffed.” LOL I thought that was awesome. Soundtracks = Power


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